Zwiebeln in Netze Verpacken mit C-PACK Maschinen

VAC 956

C-PACK VAC956 Net packaging machines for fruits and vegetables
VAC 956

Fully Automatic Net Packing Machine

Our VAC 956 is particularly well suited for the automatic packaging of tube bundles. Special products on request. This C-PACK machine is suitable for continuous operation without interruption due to the clever automatic tube changing system.

VAC 956 is perfectly suitable for:


Tough and efficient. Now and in the future.

The time span for processing and transporting goods is getting tighter and tighter and production companies today have to be much more flexible than they were a few years ago. With the durable and fail-safe C-PACK machines, you are perfectly prepared for the future.

C-PACK Toughness
C-PACK Integrated label printing

Optional: Ready to go thanks to integrated label printing.

Complete two steps in one: With our integrated label printing, you can provide your products with a visually appealing, customized label.

VAC 956: "Original-C" Clipautomat

Standard equipment

Automatic Tube Change

Adjustable net lenght

Touchscreen Display

Automatic clip head lubrication

Fast unlock system of clip head

Inside illumination

40 mm K6 Clip head

Net transport by net transport rollers


Label transporting units

Infeed V-belt


Exit conveyors

Technical specifications
  • Performance:
    max. 40 packages/min,
    depending on product and infeed
  • Power supply:
    400/230 Volt N/PE, 50/60 Hz, approx. 2.0 kW
    connections on request)
  • Machine weight:
    approx. 900 kg
    Package weights:
    0.2 – 5,0 kg (depending on size of product)
  • Labelling:
    Optional wineglas and clip2clip
  • Clipping strip:
    thickness: 0.35 – 0.45 mm width: 5 mm
  • Required Net Material:
    Woven or extruded
  • Outer net tube diameter:
    available from 65 to 210 mm
  • Infeed height:
    1660 mm

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