Experts, specialists, professionals: humans.

A family company with long-term employees and at the same time a leader of innovation in the "future of the packaging industry" - with us it simply fits together. C-PACK is staffed by people with heart and mind who understand what is important in your business. Let's get to know each other.

C-PACK Standort Deutschland
C-PACK Partner

Customers, suppliers, competitors, service providers, dealers: Partners.

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C-PACK Service

Support & advice.
Now & in the future.

Looking back: service always first.

Especially important for our customers: Direct contact.

Our mission

Visions for tomorrow.

Trust in partnership.

Transparent communication.

Long-term business relationships.

Jörg Czepluch Geschäftsführer C-PACK

Jörg Czepluch

Mitarbeiter C-PACK
Purchasing & Service

Stefan Becker

Mitarbeiter C-PACK
Technical Director

Jan Verdel

Our service: around the world in your area.

We know what really matters for your operation and your packaging line: Reliability 24/7 and a service that helps quickly and reliably.