Zwiebeln in Netze Verpacken mit C-PACK Maschinen

HCL 912

C-PACK HCL912 Net packaging machines for fruits and vegetables
HCL 912

Semi Automatic Net Packing Machine

Our HCL912 is ideal for semi-automatic packing of fruits and vegetables such as potatoes, onions, citrus fruits and other solid products in nets. Other products on request.

HCL 912 is perfectly suitable for:


Tough and efficient. Now and in the future.

The time span for processing and transporting goods is getting tighter and tighter and production companies today have to be much more flexible than they were a few years ago. With the durable and fail-safe C-PACK machines, you are perfectly prepared for the future.

C-PACK Toughness

HCL 912: Your solid helper

Standard equipment

Base of heavy steel construction

Extremely sturdy and robust clipping- head, mounted on steel shaft. Moveable parts specially tempered

Supports for clip material and labelling ribbon

Plastic coated angularized working table

Set of electric gear-stop drive motors

Electronic control system

Complete electric cabling

Power supply cable (4.0 metres) 5pol. with plug


Filling device

Net tube

Labelling unit for printing and attaching labels

Technical specifications
  • Clipping head:
    5 or 6 mm
  • Clip Specification:
    Length per clip: 18 mm/20 mm

    Width: 5mm or 6mm
    Thickness: appx. 0.3-0.4mm
  • Electric power:
    appx. 0.75 kW, 220/380 V, 3- phase, 50 cps.
    (other voltage and/or frequency on
  • Height of Working Table:
    appx. 680 mm
  • Overall Dimensions:
    Length: appx. 850
    Width: appx. 600 mm
    Height: appx.
    1200 mm
  • Net Weight: appx. 105 kgs

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