Zitrus Früchte Bio gerecht verpackt

Organic is booming. But only if the packaging concept fits in.

Organic food sales reached a new record high in 2021. In the past ten years, sales of organic food more than doubled. The purchase of organic products is becoming increasingly popular worldwide – global sales have seen continuous growth in recent years.

Consumer requirements are becoming more diverse. Our customers need maximum flexibility to be able to implement impulses & trends in the packaging of their goods. Thanks to the combination of experience and enthusiasm for innovation, all C-PACK machines are perfectly equipped for the future.

Organic and packaging no longer have to be a paradox. Sustainable cellulose nets are the already real answer to the challenge of a clean future.

With net material that is 100% biodegradable and compostable, we can make a decisive contribution in terms of environmental protection and offer consumers a real alternative. Today, the first materials are available that are completely free of residues and petrochemicals, naturally contain no microplastics, and can therefore be composted at the consumer’s home within 12 weeks. And even if such packaging nets should actually submerge in seawater, they will degrade there without any problems.
Sustainable net packaging: More than a good feeling and a convincing sales argument. A really clean solution for us and for nature.

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